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About Us

Shipping domestic or international? We ship globally!

A team of life-long musicians, and entrepreneurs who have performed and traveled the world enjoying the journey every step of the way. Our passion is creating and sharing great music and ideas that can help solve real world problems. Our experience spans 25 years in logistics and shipping for companies big and small, founding and selling numerous businesses all the while performing and playing in front of packed concerts from SXSW, Lollapalooza and countless more.

Our Mission

To make shipping high value guitars affordable, safe and hassle free.

Our mission is very focused and simple...Deliver the best shipping solution on the planet for transporting your high value guitar-Kevin Baker, Co-Founder

Our Story

Twenty-Five years of performing and starting great companies….

After spending more than 25 years in logistics and music we recognized the opportunity to carve out a specialized high value shipping service for musicians, luthiers, dealers, and manufacturers to get serious savings, amazing insurance, and support by using our shipping platform.Whether you are a high-end guitar buyer, seller, trader, luthier, just buying your dream guitar or traveling to your next show, we have designed this service for you.
Shipping guitars can be a real hassle if not done properly.
By using the Ship Guitars support team and technology, as your partner, we are able offer you the high level of service, savings, and protection, enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.
Simply put, together we share in massive savings and high-quality insurance, specifically designed for valuable guitars.
Our team has logged hundreds of thousands of miles and know the hassles when buying, selling, trading, or traveling with a guitar.
Ship Guitars has created a smooth and cost-effective process with your guitar’s safe delivery in mind.
We love touring, performing, and helping guitars find a home.
We guarantee your satisfaction with our service.
-The Ship Guitars Team

Our team has logged hundreds of thousands of miles and know the hassles that can and will happen when buying, selling, or traveling with your guitar. We guarantee your satisfaction with our service.

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Ship Guitars offers door-to-door shipping service worldwide, through UPS, at up to 50% off retail. Start experiencing safe and easy shipping 7 days a week.

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