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A Case for Guitar Cases

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December 22, 2022

A Case for Guitar Cases

One of the many guitar accessories that you simply cannot do without is a guitar case. It is so important to your guitar that many manufacturers include the case in the price of the guitar. Many manufacturers make cases specially designed for particular models and ship the guitars inside these cases to the retailer. Rightly so, this practice makes buying the guitar without the case difficult.  

To buy a serious instrument such as a high-end guitar and then carry it away from the store without an appropriate guitar case denies your beloved musical instrument from the needed quality protection.  The most important gesture of respect that you can show your guitar is to give it a safe place to sleep.  Read on for more information about the importance of a guitar case.  

Guitar cases come in two basic types: (1) Hard or hard-shell type: and (2) Soft case.  Each has its advantages, and the protection factor is proportional to cost: The more expensive the case, the better the protection that it offers your instrument.

1. Hard Cases.  The hard case is the most expensive option (50 to 74 pounds and more) but offers the best insurance against damage to your guitar. It is composed of leather, or nylon-covered wood and can survive the rigors of airline baggage handlers by providing crush-proof protection to your instrument. It remains the opinion of the author of this article that the safest thing to do is to go with a hard case, unless you have some really compelling reason not to. If you don't already have a case for your guitar and are thinking of buying one, try to think of any situation where a hard case may not be appropriate. If you can't produce a quick and ready response, spring for the hard case and be done with it.

2. Soft Cases.  

The soft case is not completely soft and it usually consists of some pressed-particle material, such as cardboard, to provide some protection for your guitar.  For example, if someone drops a coffee mug on your guitar — an empty coffee mug, that is.  But …that's about it. 

The soft case is the inexpensive alternative to the hard case because it enables you to transport your instrument without exposing it to the elements and at least prevents an outside intruder from scratching it. However, soft cases easily buckle and cave in if put to any real stress, such as getting caught in an airport conveyor belt, and definitely puncture much more easily than a hard case does. In most cases, a guitar soft case provides protection against the daily bumps and grinds that would otherwise scratch an unprotected guitar.

After selection of your preferred guitar case, for topnotch travel and care in the transport of your guitar use Ship Guitars, found online at https://www.shipguitars.com.  Ship Guitars will ship your guitar or musical instrument internationally or locally, has vast experience with major carriers and customs issues needed to resolve any shipping issues that may arise, and carries high-quality insurance to assure safe transport and delivery of your musical instrument.  

Because guitars and musical instruments are sensitive and need special care when transporting them! Follow the guitar case tips provided in this article and contact Ship Guitars for the smooth and cost-effective transport and shipment of your guitar or musical instrument.  https://www.shipguitars.com

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