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Cost to Ship a Guitar

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June 2, 2022

Cost to Ship a Guitar

With today’s outrageous home prices and the nonstop media warnings regarding a large global recession, you may be eying that vintage guitar which has sat unused for a bit regarding selling it.  Hello Reverb, Craigslist and eBay … ? Whether you are selling your guitar or just need to ship a guitar asap, the million dollar question always seems to be, “How much does it cost to ship a guitar?” 

Aside from deciding the mode of shipment, carry-on commercial flight, USPS, freight or a leading carrier like UPS, FedEx and DHL, there are other aspects that affect how much it will cost to ship a guitar. You have to consider the distance, size and weight, the value of the guitar. Along with, deciding on the level and type of insurance you want to invest in to protect your guitar through top tier insurance companies like UPS Capital or do you go with standard low value guitar insurance. This article hopes to assist you by discussing what affects the cost of shipping a guitar.


Hard-shell Case v. Gig Bag

Truth remains that your guitar will surely be more protected with a hard-shell case packed in a #250 box that includes the SEAL indicating quality of box. See our shipping best practices for specific instruction. Gig bags are no insurable. They are less money to ship but you are out of luck if you need to file an insurance claim. Packed guitars weight more in a hard-shell case, and more weight equals additional shipping costs.  On average, using a gig bag to ship your guitar will weigh approximately 9-12 pounds. However, with a hard-shell case, the overall weight will be 20 pounds more. The real price on shipping is the dimensional weight. Carriers choose the larger of the dimensional weight or actual weight. Dimensional weight is always more with a properly packed guitar.



The primary consideration of the cost of guitar shipment is the distance. If you are shipping within the city or state, it’s much cheaper when compared to shipping across the country or internationally.


Value Of The Guitar

Shipping a guitar is not as perilously as many people think. If you pack it properly and insure with the right insurance company, it is well worth the investment. Shipping insurance is calculated as $2.88 for the first $300 in value and then $.96 for each $100 in value beyond that. So on a $3,000 guitar you are looking at about $28 of insurance.


Companies like UPS Capital who insures all of the www.shipguitars.com policies is the leading high value guitar shipping insurance company. $28 is money well spent if you need to file a claim. But most people don’t realize that 99.9% of shipments get there safely. If you do file a claim a good shipping partner like shipguitars.com will be there to help submit claims and get you reimbursed for damages or replacement, whichever the insurance company decides.


Courier Service Provider

Whatever the reason and wherever the intended shipping location, fact remains that you need a shipping carrier to do the shipping for you. FedEx and UPS are the two major service providers, but you can also send your package via postal service.  The USPS is likely your cheapest U.S. option. Their customer service and quality are not a thorough as UPS and FedEx.


Working with an extra layer of support through a company like www.shipguitars.com at no extra cost (often get 30-50% off retail shipping rates) gives you the best service, insurance for the least amount of money.


When trying to decide the best course of action, consider www.shipguitars.com to ship your guitar or instrument safely and easily.


The Ship Guitars shipping process is easy.  Simply go to Ship Guitars online and you will be instructed and guided regarding packing, scheduling, and shipping your guitar at discounted prices via UPS service.  https://www.shipguitars.com




Visit https://shipguitars.com/get-a-quote to get real-time domestic UPS shipping rates with high value UPS Capital Shipping insurance. https://upscapital.com/



Shipping a guitar could potentially be a costly hassle. However, since you now know the cost factors and some of the top providers, you should be able to easily and safely ship your guitar today using Ship Guitars https://www.shipguitars.com

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