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Guitar Packing and Shipping Best Practices

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February 19, 2021

Guitar Packing and Shipping Best Practices

High Value Guitar Shipping Best Practices

Use the correct box and materials.

  • Quality guitar shipping box #200-#250 (it must have a SEAL on it that indicates the thickness or #)
  • Take a photo of your box seal certification. Ask us if you dont know what this is.
  • Hard shell case- Not a Vintage Case. But quality case to protect the guitar.
  • Bubble wrap
  • Quality shipping tape


To minimize risk, get best insurance coverage her are proper shipping and packing tips

  • Take photos of guitar all angles before shipping.
  • Take a photo of your box seal.
  • Take photos of inside and outside of hard case before placing guitar in hard case.
  • Loosen strings of guitar.
  • Secure neck in hard case
  • Take photo of guitar packed in hard case.
  • Place closed hard shell case in shipping box. (required for an active insurance policy with UPS Capital)
  • Secure guitars inside box with wrapping paper or buble wrap.
  • Verify is it not moving by giving it the shake test.
  • Videotape this for your records.
  • Print label and attach it to box with clear packing tape.
  • Schedule a pickup with UPS or take the guitar to a UPS Customer Care Center. (This is not a UPS store, but an official UPS owned Customer Service Center)
  • Have the UPS employee or driver sign a copy of the UPS receipt for insurance purposes. Keep a copy for your records.
  • For a pickup DO NOT leave your guitar at front door for pickup no matter where you live.
  • Always insure your guitar.
  • Always choose signature required.
  • Never drop a guitar at UPS without getting a signed receipt from employee taking posession.
  • Without proof there is no evidence you dropped the guitar off at UPS.
  • Call or email if you have any questions or need assistance. 410.261.4558 support@shipguitars.com


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