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How To Look After Your Instruments On The Road

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November 12, 2021

How To Look After Your Instruments On The Road

Let's discuss when traveling on the road how  to look after your instruments. Every musician who travels with equipment knows the challenges you face in caring for your instrument on the road. Having musician's insurance is an essential requirement to cover you in those situations where you need to replace or repair an instrument quickly. This is especially true for travelling musicians whose livelihood, and often emotional strings, are entwined with their instrument.

Whatever equipment you carry on the road, here are several important tips to remember to ensure you protect your instrument while on the move. Chances are, if you are on the road, you have had your instrument long enough to know how to look after it at home. You keep your instrument cased, stow it safely, clean it regularly and regularly look it over for any marks or damage. However, the road is definitely not a normal environment and looking after your instrument means following some additional safety procedures.

Protect Against Theft 

The nightmare scenario is loss or theft of your instrument. When you are on the road, you cannot always ensure that your guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone or whatever you rock out on is always held in a secure environment. For this reason, and for peace of mind, musician's insurance is crucial for travelling musicians.

Before you hit the road, make sure to take a record of your instrument details. This is especially true if you travel with a few instruments. If you have more than one guitar for example, note the make and model and take some photos. Does it have any distinguishing features? Get a close-up shot of anything that makes it stand out. In the event of theft, these notes and photos can all help to recover your instrument. 

Be Vigilant

Traveling by van, plane or public transport is an inevitable part of life on the road for a musician. These are the times that you instrument is at a greater risk of being stolen. If possible, keep your instrument in your sight at all times, especially when using public transport. When you are at a gig be aware that a parked van in a venue car park is a prime target for thieves, so make sure the van is attended. Designating a trusted person when you cannot be there yourself helps keep everyone's instruments safe.

After spending over 25 years in the music industry, and always stressing about the transporting and shipping safety of their essential and prized musical instruments, the Ship Guitars Team was formed to offer a specialized high value shipping service for the safe shipping and transport of the highly coveted instruments of all musicians, dealers, traders, etc.  Check out Ship Guitars online at https://www.shipguitars.com.  

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Whether you are hitting the road for a long tour or heading to a local venue for the night, be vigilant to ensure that your music instruments remain in good and safe condition by using Ship Guitars to transport your instruments!

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