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How to Pack and Ship a Guitar the Right Way

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August 2, 2018

How to Pack and Ship a Guitar the Right Way

Things to consider when shipping a guitar:

  1. If you have never done this before get advice and help from someone who has shipped guitars. There are ways to minimize your stress and costs. Ship Guitars team has 30 years of experience shipping and music. Call us for free advice. 410-261-4558 or email support@shipguitars.com. 7 days a week.
  2. Get the right supplies. You will need a guitar shipping box. (buy box here) packing tape, newspaper and bubble wrap. If you don’t have a hard case for your guitar, we recommend you get one. Shipping without a hard case will increase the chance of your guitar being damaged during its journey.
  3. Watch our Guitar Packaging Video- Guitar Packaging Video


Step 1: Prep the Guitar

  1. Before the guitar is even in its case, there are some important steps you can take.
  2. Loosen the strings! You don't necessarily need to detune entirely, but it's a good idea to lessen the tension on the neck at least somewhat. This is especially important if you are shipping via air transportation.
  3. Secure any movable parts. Nothing should be able to rattle around during transit, so it's important to secure components such as tremolo bridges. This can be accomplished by wrapping the part in newspaper or other packing material.
  4. Wrap the headstock. The headstock is a very sensitive part of the guitar, so you want to make sure it's nice and snug. Again, wrapping it in newspaper, bubble wrap or other material will work just fine.
  5. Separate strings from fretboard with newspaper. This will keep the strings from smacking up against the fretboard in transit. Simply take a strip of newspaper and slide it between the bottom of the strings and the fretboard.


Step 2: Fill in Holes Around Guitar

  1. The idea here is to prevent the guitar from moving during shipment. You want to remove empty space in the case by filling any areas around the guitar with balled-up newspaper or other packing materials.
  2. Think of it this way: If there's no empty space within the case, the guitar won't be able to shift and slide around.
  3. Step 3: Box It, Fill in Space, Tape it Up
  4. Important: (Do not put anything on the outside of the box to indicate it is a GUITAR. Your box should be just a box, no guitar stickers or band info. Thieves like guitars too.)
  5. The same principle applies for the case inside the box. Try to fill in any empty space so that the case and the guitar are as snug as possible. Again, the idea is to eliminate the potential for the case to move around within the box.
  6. Now all that's left is to seal the box with packing tape and send it on its way.


Step 3 Measure and Order Your Shipment

  1. Measure your entire box Length, Width, Height and Weight. All are vital to an accurate quote. Make sure you have the correct dimensions and weight of the entire item you are shipping, including the box. If you under report this UPS will send you an additional bill for the shortfall.
  2. Know the replacement cost value of your guitar https://www.bluebookofguitarvalues.com/#/Index
  3. Select insurance when shipping. Choose the full replacement cost of your guitar. (The Ship Guitars Insurance policy pays out on 98.5% of all insurance claims. The best in the shipping industry, please use our insurance! Our discounts will be way more than the cost of the insurance. So, if you think about it, insurance is basically free with us on most shipments). High end guitar manufacturers use Ship Guitars all the time because of our rates, service and insurance!
  4. Select Signature Required.
  5. We recommend you drop off your guitar at the local UPS if you have one or two being shipped. It is smoother and ensures a check in scan by a UPS representative.
  6. When selecting your shipping service keep in mind ground is the cheapest. But if you are shipping a $5,000 guitar, ground may not be your best option. Choosing three day increases the cost but can minimize the number of times the Guitar is transferred, switched, moved and run through a shipping point. Call if you are unsure of the best options here.
  7. Go to www.shipguitars.com. Enter your shipping information, add your payment option and you will have your label in 5 seconds. You can also email or call us and we will do the lable order for you!
  8. Print the labels (s).
  9. Attach it to the proper box if you are shipping more than one item.
  10. Take your items to the local UPS office or arrange a pickup.
  11. Keep your tracking information and receipts.
  12. You will be sent an invoice with the order and tracking information for your records.
  13. The team at Ship Guitars will track the delivery with you and provide you updates.

We are avialable 7 days a week.

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How to Pack and Ship a Guitar the Right Way

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