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How to Safely Pack and Ship a Guitar

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August 20, 2021

How to Safely Pack and Ship a Guitar

There is no need to be nervous about shipping your prized guitar, bass, or other musical instrument. It is easier than you may think! Simply follow the following four recommendations to safely and securely pack your guitar.

Step 1 — Prep the Guitar. This is done by doing the following:

First, loosen the guitar strings, leaving the strings some slack to         decrease the tension on the guitar neck; Second, secure all movable parts so that nothing will rattle or move around during transit.  Whammy bars should be detached, wrapped, and stored either in the case pocket or separately within the shipping box. Third, check the guitar bridge and/or tailpiece.  If necessary, eliminate any movement or potential for movement by placing a piece of packing paper between the moving piece and the guitar's body. Fourth, separate the guitar strings from the fretboard with packing paper to prevent the strings from digging into the frets.

Do this by creating a long strip of packing paper and insert it between the strings and the length of the fretboard. 

Step 2 — Secure the Guitar in Its Case.  Prevent movement during the shipment by placing packing materials around the body, neck joint, neck, and headstock areas of your guitar. Remember, your main goal is preventing guitar movement in its case.  

Step 3 — Check Your Work.  Now that the guitar is secure, close it, pick it up, and give it a few gentle shakes.  If you hear the guitar moving around, open the case again and address the problem area. 

Step 4 — Box It, Fill in Space, Tape it Up.  Now that the guitar is secure in its case you should fit it inside a crisp, new rectangular box. Just as you do not want the guitar moving in its case, you also do not want the case to move within the shipping box.

Eliminate the potential for the case to move around within the box by adding some packing paper or other packing material at the bottom of the box. Place the case inside and fill the box with packing material on both sides. Finally, add packing material to the top. Again, the idea is to make sure it's snug. 

Now that your guitar is packed, it’s time to ship! For worldwide guitar shipping, simply email Ship Guitars at https://www.shipguitars.com 

and let them know you need to schedule the shipment of a guitar.

The experienced and dedicated savvy crew at Ship Guitars will assist you with secure door-to-door shipping services of your prized guitar or musical instrument.  Contact Ship Guitars today for safe and affordable guitar shipping https://www.shipguitars.com. 

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