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How to Safely Ship Musical Instruments

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October 1, 2021

How to Safely Ship Musical Instruments

What may appear to be merely an item of cargo shipping worth nothing more than its insurance coverage to those who handle it, is often regarded by the owner as their beloved possession which is more precious than life itself. 

From the viewpoint of a musical artist, his musical instrument of choice, such as a guitar, was long ago deemed essential and invaluable cargo that is more precious than life itself.  Acknowledging and appreciating the owner’s absolute sentiments regarding the immense value of that musical instrument that must be shipped, this article will assist by providing the key (no piano pun intended) points for shipping your guitar, or another musical instrument, kazoos excluded - sorry.

How do you Ship a Musical Instrument?

Shipping musical instruments requires a little more care than other items. Different instruments have individual packing needs. The shipping case should be large enough for your instruments, with foam or other material to cushion your instrument so there is little or no movement.

Great, but my newly adopted pandemic puppy chewed through and essentially ate my guitar case.  So ... how can my guitar, or any other musical instrument, be safely shipped without a case?  Hate to sound like a nagging parent or that ever present annoying ‘know-it-all friend’, but every human being must know that a musical instrument is best shipped in its case.  Why? Because the case is perfectly designed to protect the musical instrument from damage risks. 

If, however, you must ship your precious musical instrument without a case, you will not be covered under any shipping insurance. When shipping with a soft case, it will likely result in damage to the guitar and the shipping carriers or their insurance companies do not accept any responsibility. Also UPS, DHL and FedEx may reject the item from being shipped if it is a potential hazard to their shipping belts and logistics technology. It literally may be sent back undeliverable. Please pack the guitar properly and follow the instructions is found on our website https://shipguitars.com/how-pack-guitar.

In today’s world stressed out with the pandemic mask mandates, perhaps the best way to safely ship your guitar or musical instruments is to simplly contact Ship Guitars.  Ship Guitars is found online at https://www.shipguitars.com.  

The experts at Ship Guitars are lifelong musicians and entrepreneurs themselves, with over 25 years of experience in the safe global shipping of guitars and musical instruments to concerts, performance sites, etc. They make shipping high value guitars and musical equipment affordable, safe and hassle free.

Contact Ship Guitars today to transport your guitar or ship your musical instrument.  They offer door-to-door shipping services worldwide, through UPS, at 50% less than retail https://www.shipguitars.com.

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