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How To Travel With Your Acoustic Guitar

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September 22, 2022

How To Travel With Your Acoustic Guitar

If you are planning to take a trip get or get on a plane with your classic acoustic guitar  or acoustic bass guitar you must take all possible steps to prevent and avoid the mental turmoil of losing it.  


Flying with our beloved instruments is usually a headache. Whether you check it in luggage or try to carry it on, below are some tips that you should consider.


Be Prepared for fees. Early boarding a flight can run you $25-$50. Also, American/Delta/United Domestic checked baggage fees: $30 for first checked bag, $40 for the second, $150 for the third. But there is no guarantee you will be able to carry on the guitar. Often with full flights these days, you are going to be asked to gate check the guitar. Hopefully you have packed it properly to be stowed underneath with all those suitcases.


Choose the most robust guitar case to protect your guitar.  Many guitarists highly recommend Calton cases. They come in vibrant colors that make it more unlikely that someone will take your guitar by mistake, and they also have a good arch on the face of the guitar making it more robust. Flight cases (typically triangle-shaped fiberglass cases) can also be a good alternative to use, but they are often large and heavy. Do not travel with soft cases!


Loosen the strings. On an average steel-string guitar, the strings pull one hundred fifty pounds of pressure. You would not like, or want, that level of pressure on your guitar's neck while it is getting tossed out and about by luggage handlers. Taking the tension off also reduces the risk of snapping pegheads.


 Peghead protection. A busted peghead is one of the most common injuries for a checked in guitar, due to the fact that the peghead is not well-supported even in most good acoustic guitar cases. If your guitar case falls, the peghead can snap right off because of the weight of the guitar's tuning gears. To prevent this from happening pack the peghead nicely on the sides with a cloth, stockings, or other cotton linens, or simply get a case that has peghead padding support. Make certain that the peghead is wedged right into the acoustic guitar gig bag so that it will not be able to move in any direction in case the guitar case slips.


Use a cardboard box. You can usually obtain one of these boxes for free from a musical instrument shop. Tossing some clothes or empty duffel bags around the case for cushioning is also helpful. 


Never push the airline carriers. If you are planning to get on the plane with your guitar, do not bring lots of other carry-ons.  A lot of people must share a little space on a plane.  An amiable optimistic mindset and gentle perseverance will usually get you and your guitar taken care of in the best way.


If you want a less stressful plan, try shipping your guitar. Depending on the size and value of the guitar, often you can get it where it is going for under $75.00 in a few days. It would be fully insured and handled by professional shipping experts. Not airline bag handlers, who turn and burn luggage all day. For topnotch travel and care in the transport of your guitar use Ship Guitars, found online at https://www.shipguitars.com.  Ship Guitars will ship your guitar or musical instrument internationally or locally, has vast experience with major carriers and customs issues needed to resolve any shipping issues that may arise and carries high-quality insurance to assure safe transport and delivery of your musical instrument.  


Getting on the plane with your acoustic guitar can hurt. Following the tips in this article and contact Ship Guitars for the smooth and cost-effective transport and shipment of your guitar or musical instrument.  https://www.shipguitars.com


Because musical instruments are sensitive and need special care when transporting them! 


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