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Steps to Ship a valuable guitar

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May 5, 2023

Steps to Ship a valuable guitar

Shipping a valuable guitar can be nerve-wracking, but with proper packaging and shipping methods, you can ensure that your guitar arrives safely. Here are some steps to follow when shipping a valuable guitar:

  1. Choose a reputable professional guitar shipping company that speicalizes in high value instruments: Select a carrier that has a good reputation for handling fragile items, such as guitars. Consider purchasing shipping insurance to protect your guitar in case of damage or loss.

  2. Choose your guitar shipping insurance carrier wisely. Make sure they are licensesed in every state your are shiping to and from. Look for a Insurance company with no deductible on guitar insurance. A high deductible indicates they may not have confidence in their shipping system and success.

  3. Remove accessories and loosen strings: Remove all accessories, such as straps and tuners, and loosen the strings. This will help prevent damage to the guitar neck and body during transit.

  4. Pack the guitar securely: Wrap the guitar in bubble wrap and place it in a hardshell guitar case. Make sure the case fits the guitar snugly to prevent movement during shipping.

  5. Fill any empty spaces: Fill any empty spaces in the case or box with packing material, such as bubble wrap or foam, tDo the guitar "shake test"o prevent the guitar from shifting during shipping.

  6. Purhcase quality guitar shipping box from UPS or www.uline.com. It should have a 250 lbs test seal on the box.

  7. Label the package properly: Label the package "Fragile" and "Handle with Care.

  8. Ship the guitar: Take the package to your chosen carrier main shipping hub or UPS customer care center guitars worth more than $1,000. and ensure that it is properly labeled and tracked. Always get a  signature confirmation upon drop off at Carrier facility and delivery to ensure the guitar is received by the intended recipient.

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