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There In One Piece ... How to Pack a Guitar for Shipping

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December 12, 2021

There In One Piece ... How to Pack a Guitar for Shipping

Many fears go through the mind of a musical instrument owner when packing a guitar for shipment. Will a part of my beloved instrument be broken or scratched, will moisture reach it ... . These are only just a few of the concerns that every musician will have until you see and play your instrument after it arrives.

For musicians, a guitar is like a child to them.  It goes without saying that everyone wants to receive their guitar the same way they shipped it – in one piece. That said, this article will highlight several safety factors recommended for the safe shipping of your guitar or musical instrument.

Before starting the guitar or musical instrument packing process, consider these two options:

Option 1: Pack it by yourself. If you choose this one, that means that you are fine with all the risks that may occur when you are packing a guitar for shipment yourself.

Option 2: Let a professional moving company pack it.  By choosing this option, a team of movers specialized in moving fragile items will pack and deliver it for you. They have done this countless times and you can be sure that no mistake will be made.

For the safe and hassle free shipment of any guitar or musical instrument, the recommended moving experts are Ship Guitars, found online at https://www.shipguitars.com

Ship Guitars will transport your guitar worldwide, through UPS, at up to 50% less than retail.

No matter who ships your prized guitar, it is always wise to understand the basics regarding packing your guitar for shipping.  So, with no further delays, below we have provided additional safe guitar shipping suggestions, like the needed materials for packing a guitar.  First, a guitar case.  A hard-shell case will give you the best protection when shipping a guitar. Next, a box.  Measure the case of the guitar ... How long, wide deep is it? Get a box that is 3 or 4 inches longer than your case so that you can have room for padding.

You can get a guitar box from your local guitar shop or order a box online. Third, Tape.  Do not use duck tape or paper tape. Use 2-inch brown tape like the tape regularly seen in use a UPS store. Fourth, use packing paper, newspaper and bubble wrap to protect your guitar. 

Loosen all the strings down(not necessary to completely detune the guitar) so that they are not under a lot of tension to prevent a string break or damage to the guitar. Also, separate them from the fretboard with packing paper. Put bubble wrap on the headstock and use a rubber band to keep it from moving because it is the primary guitar component that we want to protect.

Put paper under the heel and the headstock. All gaps in the case must be filled with paper or bubble wrap so that the guitar doesn’t move. Also, place some paper on top of the neck.

On the other hand, if you want to have your moving company pack and ship it for you, you will not have to worry about using the right packing materials or packing it properly. The best and safest way of packing and shipping your guitar is leaving the professionals to do it for you.

Contact Ship Guitars, found online at https://www.shipguitars.com and be 100 % sure that your musical instrument will arrive in one piece at your new location.


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