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Travel Tips With a Classical Acoustic Guitar

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April 25, 2022

Travel Tips With a Classical Acoustic Guitar

Regardless, if you are a novice, just have a love for the guitar, guitar collector or a professional guitarist, because of our love for the guitar we do not want any harm to occur to the guitars we travel with or ship.

Many of us are too familiar with brunt of careless handling by baggage personnel or poor shipping companies just to discover your precious guitar had arrived damaged.

This author wishes to cover how to make sure your acoustic guitar arrives to your final- destination safely.

  • When traveling with an acoustic guitar, we recommend a hard-shell case. Do not travel with the soft guitar cases.
  • Try to purchase a lock to make sure the guitar hard-shell case is locked. If you have no place to place a lock than try to thoroughly apply thick moving tape to the guitar case so that no baggage handler =s curiosity will be able to easily open your guitar case adding to the potential for a damaged guitar.
  • Try to detune the guitar and reduce the guitar strings tension before placing in the hard-shell guitar case.
  • Protect the guitars neck which is the most fragile part of your guitar which means the neck is the most susceptible to damage. When placing your guitar in a hear-case shell, try to apply if available bubble wrap, newspapers, towels to apply a cushioning effect. The idea is to make it almost impossible for the guitar and the guitars neck to move when the case may be possibly thrown around during travel.

Understanding these basic rules of thumb to protect your acoustic guitar when travelling will increase your chances to arriving at your final destination with the same guitar you started your travels with.

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