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February 15, 2022

What is Music

So, what is music? Perhaps it was best expressed by Winnie The Pooh with a description of Love and is best left as that incredible feeling that overwhelms a musician upon playing an instrument and creating incredible sounds that can be heard.  Okay … too deep for Pooh? Well, this is assuredly extremely difficult to answer, as everyone has their own idea. Perhaps music is ‘sound that conveys emotion’, a woman humming, or a child playing drums atop an old phone book? That said, did music predate speech?

But where do we draw the line between music and speech? You might think that rhythm, pattern and controlling pitch are important in music, but these things can also apply when someone recites a sonnet or speaks with heightened emotion. Montagu concludes that "each of us in our own way can say 'Yes, this is music', and 'No, that is speech'."

So, when did our ancestors begin making music? If we take singing, then controlling pitch is important. Scientists have studied the fossilized skulls and jaws of early apes, to see if they were able to vocalize and control pitch. About a million years ago, the common ancestor of Neanderthals and modern humans had the vocal anatomy to "sing" like us, but it remains pretty much impossible to know if they did.

However, perhaps the major reason that music arose and persists may be found in the simple truth that music brings people together. Music keeps humans happy, especially workers when doing repetitive and otherwise boring work, and also helps everyone to move together, increasing the force of their work. 

In 2022 our global human mission to preserve, honor and enjoy music and the incredibly high human value which comes from every individual involved in musical instruments from the musician, luthier, manufacturer to the dealers recognizing the simple joy that music has brought, and continues to bring to our global wad of floating dirt known as Earth.  

So … let us take great care and diligence in shipping and transporting all of our musical instruments in 2022 and beyond, and contact Ship Guitars to safely transport our musical instruments, of all kinds and types, locally or internationally.  Ship Guitars was created by musicians for the sole purpose of smooth, safe and cost effective shipment of every guitar and music instrument.  Safely ship your musical instruments and bring society together today with the awesome strength that only a strummed guitar or piano keys can bring!  https://www.shipguitars.com    

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