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What To Watch Out For When Transporting Your Guitar

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January 20, 2022

What To Watch Out For When Transporting Your Guitar

Transporting your guitar, or any musical instrument, from one place to another can be very tricky. Every musical instrument owner, novice or pro, needs to always make sure that their instrument is safe and secure. 

Today, it is not just theft or something falling on your guitar that every person transporting a musical instrument must consider.  This article provides some very important things that guitar owners should know about transporting a guitar!

Guitars are very sensitive to cold.

Simply stated — there is grave potential danger of “cold” upon any guitar, and the results can be disastrous.  It is not recommended in a winter climate to leave your guitar in the car without the heat on. In a winter climate, guitar strings will contract, potentially causing very serious damage to your guitar.  

Guitars are very sensitive to heat.

If you live in a warm climate, we did not forget about you, and you're not off the hook. You too cannot leave your guitar in a warm car or trunk. Leaving your guitar in the trunk of a vehicle that might be in the sun, is exposure of your musical instrument that is equivalent to putting your guitar in the oven!

Trains, planes and buses.

Gig bags, those handy light nylon, zipper bags are wonderful things to have. They are particularly handy for children because they are so light. I would always consider a gig bag as a second case for convenience. However, for traveling, you always want a hard shell case for your guitar. Although more expensive, they are well worth the investment.  Plus, with the transporting of your precious musical instrument or guitar cargo, it is wise to be a bit of a pest, when it comes to baggage handling.  If and when you can, always try to supervise or watch the handling of your guitar during transport.  Do not allow it come down the luggage chute. Luggage handlers should be requested to bring your guitar cargo out by hand. As for planes, it is always a good idea to insure your musical instrument with extra insurance, if possible, before transporting.

For better travel care of your guitar or musical instrument use Ship Guitars, found online at https://www.shipguitars.com.  Ship Guitars will ship your guitar or musical instrument internationally or locally, and has vast experience with major carriers and customs issues needed to resolve any shipping issues that may arise with your beloved guitar or musical instrument.  

Yes you can safely transport and ship your guitar, but musical instruments are sensitive and need special care when transporting them.  Contact Ship Guitars today for the safe transporting of your beloved musical instruments! https://www.shipguitars.com

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