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Why Ship Guitars

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March 1, 2021

Why Ship Guitars


People ask us all the time — Can I fly on a plane with my guitar? First is the legalities. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines specify that for every airline travel or trip an airplane passenger may carryon one (1) musical instrument.  That said, for all guitar airplane voyages properly store your guitar safely in its case for expedited airport security inspection.  Also, it is recommended that you contact the airlines before your guitar air flight and inquire regarding your need for prior airplane approval and confirmation for flying with a guitar.  


When traveling with your guitar, regardless if by plane, car, bus, train or ship, allot yourself additional travel time to allow for the countless unknown and unplanned airline traveling events which have the ability to  cause undue stress and damage to the guitar itself.  In addition, airline travel with your beloved guitar welcomes the inconvenience for the owner of having to carry the guitar in the guitar case along with you also toting luggage and that last minute airport stand blueberry smoothie or fresh chocolate chip cookie.  Remember, guitar travel requires that you keep your eyes on your guitar at all times to avoid damage, loss or theft.


Whether you are a professional musician traveling throughout the USA and/or internationally with your guitar(s) and you rely on your guitar(s) to make a living.  Or if you are a guitar enthusiast/collector, or perhaps you simply love your guitars for recreational and enjoyment purposes and need a safe way to travel with your beloved instruments, it is suggested that you consider the convenience of guitar shipping.   

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel worry free knowing your guitars will meet you at your destination in the same tip-top shape in which you left them?  With Ship Guitars https://www.shipguitars.com gone are all your anxieties and concerns regarding damage to, or the total loss of, your guitar from airline transport.  With our UPS Capital insurance which is specifiically designed for fragile, high value item shipping, you have comfort in knowing you have extra protection beyond hoping and pryaing airline staff will keep your guitar safe.

Have you ever considered using a professional and experienced guitar shipping company to provide you with affordable guitar shipping performed within all of the required transportation safety procedures to assure our instruments arrive in same pristine shape as of the time of your guitar’s departure.

There are things to consider when working with a guitar shipping company. To save you time and energy, below we have summarized several key benefits of guitar shipping with Ship Guitars found at https://www.shipguitars.com :

  • We insure guitars with Fragile Items insurance up to $70,000 per guitar.
  • Affordable shipping fees, up to 50% off
  • Affordable and secure shipping anywhere throughout the USA and Internationally in 109 countries.
  • Only major carriers ship our guitars. DHL and UPS.
  • Worry free traveling. A team dedicated to helping ship, track and deliver your guitar while you travel.
  • Reduce risk of lost, stolen or damaged instruments. Anyone with a guitar worth more than $1,000 should consider shipping instead of carry on.

If you are looking for the most affordable and carefree way to ship your guitar(s) throughout the USA and/or internationally then call Ship Guitars at 410-261-4558 or visit us at www.shipguitars.com.

 Here’s to enjoyable and safe travels for you and your guitar by using Ship Guitars at https://www.shipguitars.com.

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