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How It Works


our - very refined - process:

Use our convenient website to quote and ship your guitar. Login for free. Have access to high volume discounts when shipping domestically and internationally. Our clients save on average between 20-50% every time they use ship guitars. No long-term commitment. No extra fees. Everything is shipped through UPS. Ship Guitars offers an extra layer of service and savings!


We provide Guitar Packing and Shipping Tips to make sure your guitar is properly packed and ready to ship.


Using Packaged Guitar Dimensions and weight, quote and get labels on our site FAST.

Print & Attach

Print & attach your shipping labels to your Guitar Shipping Box

Pick up OR Drop off

Choose which UPS service is best for you and your Guitar. Our team is monitoring every shipment daily to help you track and deliver your high value guitar.

Quote your shipment now.

Ship Guitars offers door-to-door service worldwide, through UPS, at up to 50% less than retail. Start experiencing safe, easy and super affordable shipping today!

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