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What Ship Guitars means to the people we serve:

SHIPGUITARS - Upington South Africa to Louisville Kentucky I recently found a desirable vintage Epiphone guitar online which was located in South Africa but the owner was no longer in retail and asked buyer to arrange shipping to the United States. I searched online and found ShipGuitars. Kevin at ShipGuitars gave me a quote which didn’t stray far from final shipping price and promptly returned calls. This really helped as the instrument was in the least populated part of North Africa near a town called Upington in the Northern cape. This is a place so Rural that the freight co.  didn’t even have a hub so Kevin and his team reached for solutions  while I did too which we eventually solved. Another challenge was the age of the instrument and there were some questions about the woods banned under CITES treaty. Kevin clearly laid out what I needed to know and was able to legally get the instrument cleared through customs. He was extremely patient with all of the hurdles that kept occurring and got the instrument to me safe and within a very reasonable amount of time considering the delay in locating a courier which was literally the missing link. I’m really glad I chose these guys as they made every effort to get it to me and that they did achieve. Thanks team!!! Sincerely,     

Franco Scalzo

Anyone who’s ever taken a guitar on a commercial flight has to get the jitters when a valuable instrument gets put on a plane unattended. Shipguitars took care of sending me an instrument from California to Luxembourg (Europe) not only in the midst of the busy Christmas chaos, but in the midst of the COVID-19 chaos of late 2020. The guitar arrived in top condition, thanks to the careful packaging, and just needed a basic setup to sound great again. As some delays were caused by the situation surrounding the pandemic, the team at Shipguitars was constantly in touch with me to keep me updated on the package’s whereabouts. Great service, great care!

David Laborier


“im a former business owner and a lover of guitars, when I had my business, one of the keys to being successful was surrounding yourself with competent and equally as motivated and passionate people with the same goals to provide a product or service of the highest quality, and I can say with many experiences of dealing with Kevin and his team at shipguitars if your looking for white glove service and the gold standard of customer service to ensure that your prized, valuable possessions make it to their destination in the safest and most caring and professional way, then there is one choice! Shipguitars.com “

Jimmy the rocker

Artist/Business Owner

Good Morning! Guitar arrived in Pennsylvania in 47 hours!! Less than 2 days!!! Unbelievable!! From Florida to PA!! Anyway, it arrived in perfect condition. So happy with shipguitars.com.  Thank u again for your personalized service!!!    

KG - Port St Lucie, FL


" I ship high value guitars between 80 and 100 times a year. The only company I use to safely ship and insure my guitars is ShipGuitars.com, their website is super easy to use, I get my lable quickly, insure my guitar and save money"     

Scott Kurt

Memphis 59

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