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We ship guitars world-wide;

At Ship Guitars, we make shipping your guitar safe, easy and affordable.
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Here's How It Works:

No fees, No Contracts, No Hassle!
Shipped with UPS

Use our convenient website to quote and ship your guitar. Login for free. Have access to high volume discounts when shipping domestically and internationally. Our clients save on average between 15-50% every time they use ship guitars. No long-term commitment. No extra fees. Everything is shipped through UPS. Ship Guitars offers an extra layer of service and savings!


Use our convenient shipping website to set up your shipment.

Print & Attach

Print & attach your shipping labels to your guitar case or box.

Pick up OR Drop off

Drop off your guitar at UPS or schedule a pick up.


Relax and enjoy your savings - your guitar is on its way to its destination.

Quote your shipment now.

Ship Guitars offers door-to-door service worldwide, through UPS, at up to 50% less than retail. Start experiencing safe, easy and super affordable shipping today!

The Easiest Way to Ship Guitars and instruments anywhere in the world.

Discounted rates and high-quality service. We are available to do a custom quote or you are free to access our state of the art shipping portal that directly connects you to big time savings.
Our team is ready to assist you seven days a week.

Save big with ShipGuitars high volume shipping contract - Now, everyone can enjoy big shipping savings!

Whether you are a dealer, trader or a musician traveling to a gig, we make shipping guitars an affordable and hassle-free experience!

Why ShipGuitars?
Check out these benefits...
  • Fully Insured
    You can ship valuable items and feel covered
  • Real-Time Tracking
    Track your gear as it makes it's way to it's destination.
  • Personal Service
    Dedicated support team 7 days a week
  • Direct Savings
    Our UPS Shipping Contract Saves You Money

Numbers Don't Lie:

Miles Shipped
Millions saved

Our Mission

Guitar shipping made easy.

Our mission is very focused and simple...Deliver the best shipping solution on the planet for transporting your guitar. Safe, easy and affordable with customer support 7 days a week.
-Kevin Baker, Co-Founder

Our Story

Twenty Five years of performing, traveling and starting companies.....

It is the journey not the destination. Whether you are buying your dream guitar, selling a guitar or traveling to your next show, we designed this service for you. Shipping and traveling can be a real hassle if not done properly. After spending more than 20 years in logistics we recognized the opportunity to carve out a specialized niche for musicians, dealers and manufacturers to get massive savings by using our shipping platform. By using the Ship Guitars portal, we are able offer you the high level of service and savings enjoyed by a Fortune 500 company. Simply put, together we share in massive savings not accessible to everyone. Buying guitars, selling guitars and traveling to shows is where many of the most enjoyable and memorable moments happen. We love touring, performing and helping guitars find a home.
Our team has logged hundreds of thousands of miles and know the hassles that can and will happen when buying, selling, trading or traveling with your guitar.
We guarantee your satisfaction.

Customer Service

Our team has logged hundreds of thousands of miles and know the hassles that can and will happen when buying, selling, trading or traveling with your guitar.  Our team is available 7 days a week, ready to help answer all questions. We guarantee your satisfaction.

  • 410-261-4558
  • support@shipguitars.com
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