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As a company of musicians and long time shipping experts, we have experienced the hassles of shipping guitars. Whether you are a luthier, buyer, seller or guitar lover, our team is available 7 days a week, ready to help answer any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Ship Guitars is totally free. You only pay the shipping fees for the order plus any insurance you purchase. Usually, we can save you 25%-70% off your shipments.

Yes. Like us, you receive a high-volume shipping discount the more you ship. If you are a business or regularly ship please contact us via phone 410.261.4558 or [email protected] to maximize your UPS discount on US and international shipments.

No. Totally free. No catch. We do recommend you setup an account. Which is free. We give our account holders extra discounts and ways to save.

Every shipment is different.  Shipping charges are built around, and rated on, 4 basic criteria (1) DISTANCE – where is the shipment from / where is it going, (2) WEIGHT – of the shipment, (3) TIME – how fast / when do you need the package to arrive at its destination?  (4) VALUE- If you buy insurance it is about $200 per hundred dollars of value. It can add up if you are shipping expensive item but worth the investment to minimize risk. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY ON INSURANCE. It is a cost. Ship Guitars leverages our volume shipping rates and passes them along to everyone; those that ship one package a year, and to those that ship 20 per day (…and everywhere in between).  Domestic and International – we have you covered, generally saving between 25-70% off list rates. We are a very lean company to purposely keep costs down as best we can while staying in business for our valuable clients.

We have door to door delivery service with our premeium courrier service for super valuable instruments or ones that need to be delivered in hours not days. We also partner with UPS and other leading international shipping carriers. They can pick up your pre-labeled shipment at your location, or you can drop it off at any authorized UPS outlet or customer care center.  UPS provides the end-to-end shipping solution in the US and internationally and Ship Guitars provides the lables, shipping documents, high value insurance, discounts plus an extra layer of support. If in the rate case of a claim we file all paperwork and directly pay you.

Yes. We specialize in instruments but can ship audio and recording equipment as well. Give us a call or use our quote system to determine a quote.

Yes – we highly recommend that you insure your gear.  READ OUR PACKING TIPS:  Insure your gear!  Guitars are fragile; they need to be packaged properly, and insured against damage in transit.  Buy yourself some peace of mind and insure your shipments!

Unfortunately, damages do occur from time to time.  As we mentioned above, Ship Guitars recommends taking insurance on every shipment. 99% of all damage occurs on ground shipments. We recommend Two day or Overnight for guitars worth more than $1,000.  Insurance will cover any damage so long as proper packaging methods were employed on the shipment and a claim is filed timely.  A rule of thumb when packing your instruments for shipment:  MORE IS ALWAYS BEST!  See our proper packaging methods section, refer to the UPS service guide, or contact us with any questions prior to shipping.

Yes – whether you are just trying us out for the first time, or shipping for the 20th time this month, with Ship Guitars, you will receive the same great customer service and attention to your shipping needs.  For high-volume shippers, we provide account manager assignment.  We are the only company in our business that you can reach 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Yes.  Call us for a quote.

Yes. We ship world wide with our premeium courrier service we manage directly and also with UPS. We complete country specific forms and customs documents. Support before, during and after. We work 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Well…  the short answer is “Yes.  It is more difficult than shipping a domestic package.”  The good news is that we have a lot of experience shipping international packages and will help to make your experience as seamless as possible.   Ship Guitars has many satisfied customers who regularly ship to and from international destinations.  We help guide you step by step through the process while providing deep discounts on the shipping fees.

We are open 7 days a week from 8 AM EST To 11 PM EST.  All other calls and inquiries will be returned promptly the nex day .

Yes! Please send us an email at [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself.

Yes! If you know anyone who wants to ship through ship guitars our referral program is a great way to make some extra money. If they ship regularly we will pay you every time they ship with us. If you know someone who is shipping internationally, send us their contact information before they order their shipment and we will pay you $100 referral fee after they ship their item with Ship Guitars.