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Connect your Reverb Store To Your Free Ship Guitars Account and Get Dedicated Shipping Support while Saving Time and Money on Each Guitar Sale


Connect your Reverb marketplace with Ship Guitars for access to discounted US and International UPS shipping and UPS Capital high value fragile item guitar specific insurance. Ship Guitars ships to 220 countries. US based support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Combining Ship Guitars with Reverb allows you to safely ship globally for a fraction of the cost while having a dedicated support team on your side every step of the way.

Do you want help connecting your Reverb account to a Free Ship Guitars account? We are happy to assist. Contact us for full hands-on phone or email integration support at 410-261-4558 or email [email protected].

Connect Your Reverb Account with Ship Guitars | How To

Whether you are brand new to Ship Guitars or have an existing account, it is easy to connect your Reverb store with Ship Guitars shipping soloution. By adding Ship Guitars to Reverb you are able to quickly get discounted shipping labels, track orders, access top tier insurance to help you sell more guitars. With the Reverb global market place and the Ship Guitars US and International shipping solution you can attract to more buyers and ship with less risk and while lowering your costs to make more money.

Step 1: Sign up for a Ship Guitars Account

a sign up form for a wine tasting event

  • Click Submit – You should receive an email from Ship Guitars notifying you of your new account!

Step 2: Connect Your Ship Guitars Account With Your Reverb Account

a screenshot of a web page with the words,'my profile credit cards' and an email


a screenshot of a web page with the wordpress login highlighted

  • After you generate your reverb token, go to
  • Next you want to select the options for your token:
    • Read Publicly Available Data
    • Read Listings
    • Write Listings
    • Read Orders
    • Write Orders
    • Read Profile
    • Write Profile

Then Click Update Token

a sign up form with a red arrow pointing to it

  • Click Submit- Your Ship Guitars Account is now connected to your Reverb account!


Safely Ship More Guitars to More Places.

Reduce risk, Save Time and Money on Every Sale!

If you have questions or would like extra assistance connecting your Reverb store to Ship Guitars,

please reach out to our support team.


[email protected]