When are duties and taxes due on a guitar shipment?

When are duties and taxes due on a guitar shipment?   This cost of shipping a guitar is not cheap.   First off, if you are buying or selling a guitar it should be agreed upon in the sale agreement. Some countries charge as much as 20% duties and taxes for goods sold internationally.   […]

What is the best shipping service to choose when shipping a guitar?

What is the best shipping service when shipping a guitar? Overnight, Two Day or Ground? The cost of shipping a guitar can be expensive. People try to do as much as they can to save money. Sometimes though they are too frugal at the expense of paying a higher price if something goes wrong. So, […]

How to File an Insurance Claim

Filing a shipping claim is a necessary process when your shipped items are lost, damaged, or otherwise compromised during transit. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to file a shipping claim. It is very important you document your shipment before you pack it, while you pack it and after it arrives. Keep all materials if […]

Cost to Ship a Guitar

The cost to ship a guitar can vary widely depending on several factors, including the shipping method chosen, the destination, the size and weight of the package, and any additional services or insurance you may require. Here are some general guidelines to consider: Shipping Method: The choice of shipping method greatly influences the cost. Ground shipping […]

How to Sell a Guitar

If you’re looking to sell a guitar, here are some steps you can take: Determine the value: Research the value of your guitar to determine a fair asking price. Look up similar guitars on online marketplaces, music stores, and auction sites to get an idea of how much your guitar is worth. Hire an appraiser […]