Guitar Shipping Safety Tips

happy guitar box playing a guitar mascot design royalty illustration

If you’re a musician who owns a guitar, you may need to ship your instrument at some point. Whether you’re sending it to a repair shop or selling it to someone else, it’s essential to take certain precautions to ensure that your guitar arrives at its destination safely. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some guitar shipping safety tips to help you protect your instrument during transit.

  1. Choose the Right Shipping Box

The first step in ensuring safe guitar shipping is to choose the right box. You’ll want a sturdy box that is large enough to accommodate your guitar, but not so large that it moves around during transit. A box that is too big can result in your guitar bouncing around and getting damaged during shipping. You can purchase guitar shipping boxes from music stores or online retailers that specialize in musical instrument shipping.

  1. Protect Your Guitar with Bubble Wrap

Once you have your box, the next step is to protect your guitar. Wrap your guitar in several layers of bubble wrap, paying special attention to the headstock and other delicate areas. The bubble wrap will act as a cushion, absorbing any shocks or bumps during shipping.

  1. Add Extra Padding

In addition to bubble wrap, you should also add extra padding to the box. Use packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper, or foam to fill any empty space in the box. This will prevent your guitar from moving around during shipping and protect it from any external shocks.

  1. Remove Strings and Other Loose Parts

Before shipping your guitar, it’s a good idea to losen the strings and any other loose parts, such as the strap buttons or tremolo arm. This will prevent them from getting damaged or lost during transit.


Finally, label your box as “fragile” to alert shipping personnel to handle it with care. This will help ensure that your guitar is treated with the necessary care during shipping and minimize the risk of damage.

In conclusion, shipping a guitar can be a nerve-wracking experience, but taking the necessary precautions can help ensure that your instrument arrives at its destination in one piece. By choosing the right shipping box, protecting your guitar with bubble wrap and extra padding, losening strings and other loose parts, and labeling the box as fragile, you can help minimize the risk of damage and ensure that your guitar arrives safely.