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Guitar Shipping

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March 13, 2022

Guitar Shipping

Shipping challenges facing musicians can be challenging. We will discuss how to avoid potential damage to your guitar. This author recommends you hire a safe and affordable shipping company of your guitars like Ship Guitars at https://www.shipguitars.com. Shipping your guitar should be as easy as 1,2,3 when you hire the right guitar shipping company. There are many shipping methods to choose from however, we have discovered UPS to be the best for shipping guitars safely. Here are a few guitar shipping tips when preparing your instrument for shipping. • Remove and secure moveable parts. • Remove all unnecessary parts that can be damaged. • Remove the slide, capo and whammy bar that may be easily damaged during transport. • Remove anything that doesn’t need to be in the guitar case. • Loosen guitar strings to reduce the potential for strings to snap. • Protect the guitar head-stock and guitar tuners. Typically bubble wrap does wonders. • We recommend to place padding between the strings and the fret board. • Place your guitar in a case that is fitting to your guitar. • Make sure there is no empty loose space int eh case and packing of your guitar so that your guitar does not rattle, shake and roll during its travel. For more guitar shipping information and instructions, contact the guitar shipping experts at Ship Guitars https://www.shipguitars.com. They offer door-to-door guitar shipping service worldwide, through UPS, at up to 50% less than retail. Experience safe, easy and affordable guitar shipping today with guitar shipping by the experts at Ship Guitars https://www.shipguitars.com.

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